CySec Aware are experienced at delivering webinars to all audiences. We believe strongly in the benefits of a face to face delivery, but appreciate that this does not always work for all companies. A webinar brings our expertise to your staff wherever they are.

We can provide the webinar facility ourself on either Zoom, WebEx or Google Meet, or can join your corporate platform of choice – such as Microsoft Teams – as guests provided your corporate licence allows a guest to deliver presentational content.

Leadership Webinar

Our leadership webinar is pitched for those working as Leaders, Board Members or key decision makers.

We deliver a ONE AND A HALF HOUR session, starting with an interactive exercise taking the participants through a cyber incident. Attendees are asked to choose the right course of action in response to each step and have the opportunity to discuss the pros and cons of each option, before learning how the incident could have been prevented. The exercise covers a tour of topics including incident identification and escalation, key staff behaviours, insider threats, stakeholder relations, client relations, media relations, incident handling, mitigation and resolution and planning to prevent a future incident.

This is followed by a presentation intended to bring the importance of cyber security to the fore, as well as getting across key messages including:

  • Cyber risks must be a board agenda item
  • Cyber risks must be owned at board level
  • Cyber security IS NOT an IT function
  • Cyber security is EVERYBODY’S responsibility
  • You DO NOT need to be a technical person to understand the concepts
  • Common sense helps make the right decisions
  • Small things make a MASSIVE difference to cyber risks
  • There is importance in the concept of Defence in Depth

PRICE: £750 per 1.5 hour session for up to 100 attendees.

Staff Training Webinar

ONE AND A HALF HOUR input for EVERY MEMBER OF STAFF from the CEO or Owners down this comprehensive Cyber Awareness training teaches everyone the key concepts around personal and corporate cyber security. This training has been developed from our face to face delivery to thousands of people and is pitched in a relevant and non-technical style. We touch on technical concepts only where necessary and explain each in plain English.

We know from our experience that the best way to reach staff is teach them for their personal lives. They are more likely to be properly engaged and motivated to change their behaviours if it brings them PERSONAL benefit. As a result, we pitch the majority of the content for the individual. Our experience shows us that once they have got it right at home they are far more likely to bring back the same positive security behaviours at work. They will also appreciate that you have arranged this training for them and that they get something out of it for themselves.

IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT SENIOR LEADERSHIP ARE SEEN TO TAKE PART. Buy-in from the top is necessary to show that this is important to your organisation. If you don’t care, neither will your staff.

We cover key concepts including:

  • The Threat of Cyber Crime – who is doing what and why – why everyone from individuals to businesses is at risk from the largest crime type in the UK
  • Passwords – how to handle the ridiculous number we have and create strong ones for those we actually have to remember
  • Default Passwords – the importance of getting away from the default
  • Two-Factor Authentication – extraordinarily simple defence in depth for key accounts that stops the bad guys from stealing accounts
  • Privacy – why we all leak too much information and how this is exploited by criminals
  • Phishing by any means – the NUMBER ONE threat to businesses and individuals alike, more than 70% of attacks (some estimate 90%+) start with this
  • Phishing Trends – what’s hot right now in the world of phishing
  • Social Engineering – the most dangerous form of manipulation
  • Public Wi-Fi – the risk we all take and don’t understand – a particular risk to your remote workers
  • Defending Systems – how individuals should defend their tech against the cyber crime threat
  • Updating Things – why we absolutely MUST keep our tech up to date
  • Ransomware – devastatingly effective at locking out your files and why there are no guarantees if you pay, but easily defeated by…
  • Backups – how to do them right at home, and the role of staff at work
  • Incident Response – how to deal with problems at home and how staff can be empowered at work to be the first line of cyber defence

There is A LOT to cover, but our feedback says that we keep them engaged and deliver it in a way that is understood. The session is interactive and depending on audience size and platform, we can allow for live questions, written Q&A as well as a moderated chat function.

The session includes a 5 minute break in the middle for refreshments and comfort, as well as acknowledging the ability to focus for that period.

PRICE: £750 per 1.5 hour session for up to 100 attendees.

E-Learning can be added to your option at £15 per staff member.