Jez Rogers, Founder & Lead Trainer
Jez presenting to international law enforcement at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, at the invite of the National Crime Agency

In 2020 Jez ended an award-winning 30 year career as a UK Police Officer serving as a cybercrime specialist in the South-East Regional Organised Unit (SEROCU). Jez managed the highest risk cyber offenders, delivered proactive cybersecurity vulnerability and compromise notifications on behalf of the intelligence services and provided outreach education and training to organisations across all scales and services.

The experiences gained enabled Jez to have a unique view of the cyber threat landscape and the techniques and tools available to empower non-technical individuals to increase their cyber awareness and resilience.

Jez received two Chief Constable’s commendations during his time with the SEROCU cybercrime unit – one from Thames Valley Police and one from the National Police Chief’s Council recognising the national impact of his work.

I thought it was really good, informative and fun! The way Jez was able to relate to all of our personal cyber life was great and sparked off a lot of conversation in the office after each event.

Manager, Medium-Sized Organisation

In the year prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, Jez delivered cyber awareness training in a variety of styles to 2456 people from all different types of organisations:

  • multi-national corporations
  • Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
  • charities
  • the education sector
  • the health sector
  • law enforcement (domestic and foreign)
  • local Government

Jez has delivered tabletop exercises to C-Suite and Senior Executive teams across a range of sectors from multinational businesses to healthcare. The Covid-19 pandemic drove a change in delivery style, with Jez adapting to online training through platforms including Zoom, Teams, Google Meet and WebEx.

I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar, it was engaging, informative and Jez did a fantastic job of engaging the team on something that may not usually pique the interest of our staff. He did a fantastic job – thank you very much for the useful information!

Senior Leader, Medium-Sized Organisation

A STEM Ambassador, Jez has led numerous outreach workshops for adults and young people with an interest in the cyber world. In his Police role, Jez has also conducted one-to-one interventions with those who have committed cyber offences, or those who family or professionals believe are on the cusp of doing so. These interventions have provided a unique insight into the cybercrime landscape. This outreach and intervention work has enabled Jez to inspire and influence young people who have an aptitude for the world of cyber.

These unusual experiences enabled Jez to sit with the Home Office and National Crime Agency (NCA) on more than one occasion to help shape policy, strategy and tactical options under the UK National Cyber Security Strategy with national impact.

I thoroughly enjoyed the training session, finding the presenter easy to understand and very clear with the advice he was giving. Following this training I will definitely be more vigilant and aware of all online activity I engage in.

Staff Member, Local Government

In October 2019 Jez was invited to be a keynote speaker at an international cyber conference at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, where the National Crime Agency hosted a number of senior representatives of European Law Enforcement.

In 2018 Jez was published in The Register and educational Hello World magazine.

Since entering the world of cyber security Jez has completed:

  • the British Computer Society’s Certificate in Information Security Management Principles (CISMP) – Distinction
  • Firebrand Training’s Open Source Intelligence Advanced Practitioner course
  • APMG’s ethical hacking course ‘The Art of Hacking’
  • QA’s Advanced Social Engineering course
  • ICSI’s Certified Network Security Specialist

In previous roles in UK Policing, Jez worked in the management of high-risk offenders including sex offenders and the most violent, dangerous offenders in the UK. He also worked in covert policing where he provided tactical advice to senior Police Chiefs up to and including Deputy Chief Constable level.

It was really really good. Jez was brilliant very engaging speaker.

Owner, Small Business

CySec Aware is a Limited Liability Partnership registered with Companies House (registration number OC429013) at: 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9JQ – United Kingdom.