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We deliver cyber security training in real terms for real people. This training can be delivered face to face or online. We provide practical advice achievable by all.

When delivering staff cyber awareness training we pitch it for them in their personal lives. We know that they are then more likely to buy into the secure behaviours and bring them back to work. We reinforce these with gamified workshops for high risk staff groups including Senior Leadership Teams.

Our training is delivered in line with the best practices as stated by the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). Co-Founder Jez Rogers is a recent retiree from a Police Regional Organised Crime Unit specialising in providing protective cyber advice, supporting organisations in their response to a cyber incident and managing the highest-risk UK cyber offenders after conviction.

We know there is a lot to take in so all face to face training is backed by universal staff access to our online learning platform to embed the knowledge.

Having been shocked by the lack of transparency in pricing and some quite outrageous rates for training, we believe in open and honest pricing at affordable levels. We offer a comprehensive package with no hidden extras.

We pride ourselves in maintaining expert knowledge of the threats and trends across all sectors.

Andy Rawlinson

Co-Founder & Lead Trainer

Jez Rogers

Co-Founder & Lead Trainer

Our delivery in a year...

Our Achievements

Very much enjoyed the engagement event and it opened my eyes to the issues our organisation faces with cyber attacks

Senior Leader, NHS Trust

Really good & accessible for someone like me who thought they weren’t going to understand!

Senior Executive, Multi-National Business

The event was extremely engaging and entertaining while getting the very important messages across clearly and succinctly at a level which was readily understandable by all. An excellent presenter and presentation that came across as fresh and personal despite the many times the presenter must have delivered the same message to different audiences.

Senior Leader, Education

Very good, constructive, witty and informative. Fresh and modern

Senior Leader, Medium Sized Business

I thought it was great. Andy explained everything without using jargon and at a level I could understand. His enthusiasm and sense of humour meant that a potential dry and dull subject, was actually really interesting. I can’t speak highly enough.

Senior Leader, Multi-National Business

Presenters very approachable & gave plenty of useful information for staff & senior leadership

Senior Leader, Medium Sized Business

Great event, really informative, hundreds of to do items to take away.

Owner, Travel and Leisure Company

Andy was really engaging and kept everyone interested throughout the event.

Small Business Owner

I thought Andy was very knowledgable and engaging. Very interesting topic and information all relevant.

Staff Member, Small Business

The presenters where very captivating and made the event relevant to both our work and home life. All my colleagues came out of the event chatting about cyber crime and not one fell asleep during the presentation which is a first

Staff Member, Multi-National Business

I was told prior to attending the event that you were very clued up and knew your stuff. I was still bowled over by your knowledge, confidence and clarity in presentation. TBH I was dreading attending something that – from the outside – could be considered very dull. You made it exciting, funny and intriguing. Being a public speaker I can see the amount of time and energy that has gone into preparing this excellent resource.

Senior Leader, Multi-National Business

The two trainers for we had were brilliant – very engaging, knowledgeable and made me take notice. I really appreciate the training we received- thank you!

Team Leader, Medium Sized Organisation

I thought they were both knowledgeable and engaging, they also did a great job of making what can be a very dry subject a bit more entertaining but without losing any of its gravity.

Senior Leader, Medium Sized Business

The trainers were down to earth and spoke to us and not at us, which made the event more engaging.

Staff Member, Medium Sized Business

Important information presented in an engaging and attention grabbing style. Thank you.

Staff Member, Education

Well delivered training, accessible to all levels of understanding of computers, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Staff Member, Education

Excellent session delivered in a very personable professional manner

Staff Member, Small Business

Fantastic talk – very engaging speaker. Useful information and strategies to implement. Thank you

Staff Member, Small Business

The trainer was very informative and interesting. I do not think there is anything that could have been improved.

Staff Member, Medium Sized Organisation

Really interesting and factual presentation. A lot of important information delivered in a clear and positive way.

Staff Member, Medium Sized Organisation

It was very well presented and informative but in terms you could relate to/understand.

Staff Member, Local Government

It was simply excellent

Staff Member, Local Government

It was very well paced and very well presented

Staff Member, Local Government

I would like to comment on the presenter… I would like to say what an incredibly interesting presentation he gave. He was informative, articulate, knowledgeable and presented the subject in a way that kept my interest/attention throughout.

Staff Member, Local Government

The presenter was an excellent speaker and very engaging. A good mix of styles were used to present the information – presenter / video clips / powerpoint

Staff Member, Local Government

Really good presentation with energy and enthusiasm. I found it very engaging and I learnt a lot, even though I thought I was fairly savvy with Online threats. I returned home and changed all my passwords and Hub/Router name and password. Thank you, a great session.

Staff Member, Local Government

I thoroughly enjoyed the training session, finding the presenter easy to understand and very clear with the advice he was giving. Following this training I will definitely be more vigilant and aware of all online activity I engage in.

Staff Member, Local Government

Very well presented with engaging and enthusiastic host

Staff Member, Local Government

I thought it was informative, interesting and beneficial – with an injection of humour, which always helps!

Staff Member, Local Government

I found it very interesting, both in terms of work obligations and at home. The Presenter (Andy Rawlinson) was very engaging, clearly knew his topic extremely well, and likeable. The mix of videos and speech was so much better than just listening to someone talk.

Staff Member, Local Government

It was exceptionally good. Thank you for a very informative, humorous and professional presentation.

Staff Member, Local Government

The course was excellent. It was presented in a very engaging way and the message certainly got through

Staff Member, Local Government

It was really really good. Jez was brilliant very engaging speaker.

Owner, Small Business

I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar, it was engaging, informative and Jez did a fantastic job of engaging the team on something that may not usually pique the interest of our staff. He did a fantastic job – thank you very much for the useful information!

Senior Leader, Medium-Sized Organisation

I thought it was really good, informative and fun! The way Jez was able to relate to all of our personal cyber life was great and sparked off a lot of conversation in the office after each event.

Manager, Medium-Sized Organisation

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Our Pricing

We believe in transparent pricing, up-front – no ‘Contact Us’ to find out the costs. We try to make our pricing simple so you fully understand the cost to you.

Face to Face

For face to face training at your site delivering your choice of our Training Modules, alongside 6 months full access to our follow-up e-learning environment for every staff member:

  • £1199 for the first day
  • £999 for any consecutive day
  • Plus £10 per staff member
  • Add Travel & Expenses at cost

On any day we will deliver a minimum of 5 hours of face to face training between 09:00 and 16:00, depending on the modules you choose for each day to meet your training needs. If necessary, we can source a larger training venue local to you (at cost) to accommodate more of your staff in one sitting.

We are happy to travel outside of the UK to deliver our services. We add travel, accommodation and other expenses at cost value to our normal training fees.

E-Learning Platform Fees

All customers of face to face training receive 6 months inclusive access to our follow-up e-learning platform for every member of staff taking part.

Access can be extended for £15 per head for a further 12 months access.

Webinar Training

Our webinars are priced on a simple basis:

  • Leadership Webinar – £750 for 1.5 hour session for up to 100 attendees
  • Staff Webinar – £750 for 1.5 hour session for up to 100 attendees

There are no other costs – we can provide a Zoom, WebEx or Google Meet platform or join your existing corporate platform such as Microsoft Teams.

E-Learning is not included in webinar training prices but is available at £15 per staff member for 12 months access.

Further Terms & Conditions apply which are available when we discuss your options and desired training.

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